Navigating the Gender Gap in Human Resources

When I first started my HR career, I worked in an all-female team. That is, apart from our male HR Director. This was back in the millennium in the era after Personnel had changed its name to HR and gained its status as a strategic function (and therefore a seat at the boardroom table). While something to celebrate, there was still a battle to be had with some managers who continued to view us as the old transactional personnel service. I remember (metaphorically) rolling my eyes every time a ma

Five Reasons To Shop Small & Feel Fabulous

There's a good chance that lockdown has challenged all of us and made us re-think our shopping habits. There's no doubt about it, the likes of Amazon stepped in and helped deliver not only the things we wanted during those tough times, but maybe even the basics like our food. For that, we must be grateful. I admit it: if I've wanted something over the last six months, I've jumped right on to Amazon before I've shopped anywhere else. As well as delivering what we want, when we want it, it's also

Foxtail Cottage | Dog Friendly Prooperty in Blockley, Gloucestershire

Foxtail Cottage was built in the mid-nineteenth century for workers from the nearby silk mills. Set in a village location, this dog-friendly holiday home is within walking distance of two pubs. It sits nestled among a row of identical cottages, all built from golden Cotswold stone. One well-behaved dog is welcome for a small additional charge. As you walk through the front door you are greeted by a traditionally renovated space, mixed with modern creature comforts including WiFi and Smart TV.

Six Things We’ve Learned About Remote Team Engagement During Lockdown

You might have seen the amusing lockdown homeworking bloopers doing the rounds – if not, check this out! You might even have embarrassing stories of your own. But making sure you’re properly dressed for Zoom calls isn’t the only lesson you can learn from homeworking during a global pandemic. Let's look back on some of the interesting, and sometimes unexpected, outcomes of working from home during lockdown. From discussions with civil servants, charity workers and those in construction, here’s our

THE HEDGEHOG DIARIES: MAY 2020 | Friends of Shrewsbury Park

May is the month when love is in the air for our hedgehogs. Keep an ear out for loud grunting and snuffling noises in the garden at night. This could be a giveaway of amorous hedgehog activity. Did you know, that after mating, the male hedgehog leaves and takes no part in rearing the young? You may see a hedgehog collecting leaves for bedding material, it’s possible this could be a female preparing her nest for the arrival of her babies. If you’d like to know more about hedgehog mating behavio


The UK government have issued new guidance which encourages people to work from home wherever possible. In these unprecedented times, as we all try to deal with the challenges that Coronavirus presents, managers need to support their staff more than ever. Many organisations already have working from home policies, but if your small business is new to the concept, you may be wondering how best to support your employees. Working from home could actually offer a new, and more productive way of wor

Hedgehog Diaries #1 | Friends of Shrewsbury Park

We can proudly announce the first of a continuing series of Hedgehog Diaries written by Michelle, an FSP member and hedgehog champion. April‘s an active month for our hedgehogs, and you might start noticing them visiting your garden. Like this one last week on Eglinton Hill who dropped in for a snack… As the days have grown longer and the weather warmer, most of our hogs will have emerged from hibernation. They’ll be very hungry from sleeping through the long winter months, so this month they’

The Power of the Written Word

No matter what our business is, we all have to be writers. After all, we have to write something on a daily basis. Be it an email, a business proposal or perhaps a social media post. All of these things require us to harness the power of the written word. So it goes without saying: good quality writing and running a business go hand in hand. If you want to get your message across clearly and without ambiguity, you need to get your words right. In a global marketplace, your message might reach a

Channel Row 2018 – Rebels Without Paws

If you’ve got tickets for Friday night’s Quiz Night, then we’re really looking forward to welcoming you to yet another sell-out event! Once again, the fabulous team at Shrewsbury House are hosting us. This is our last fundraising event before we row the Channel, and it’s sure to be a good one. The quiz will start promptly at 7.30 pm, with Quiz Master, Kate, at the helm. Please arrive in plenty of time to pay your £5.00 pp entry fee, get a drink from the bar and to chose your seats. Prizes have